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Tourist or Traveler?

What’s the difference? Classic quote says : A traveler sees what she sees, a tourist sees what she has come to see. My version is a bit different :p

From a Young Traveler to Another

You might heard a lot about how people need to travel before turning 35, read about how important it is to travel, and the suggestion about visiting one new place every year, etc. The question is how?

Komodo island, DANGEROUSLY beautiful!

Finally, Komodo! It’s been our dream to visit this island and meet the famous Komodo dragon. I’ll share how to get there first! Flight to Labuan Bajo, gate to Komodo island is very limited. First you have to go to Bali, then take Wings air to Labuan Bajo. Not like other airlines serving this route, […]

Sempu Island, definitely NOT Overrated!

As “arek Suroboyo” whose daily routine is fighting hectic city life and traffic, sometimes I feel the urge to run away to the beach and just spend the night lying under the stars. Nearest beaches are those at the south of Malang, like Balekambang, Goa Cina, and Bajul Mati. My favourite is a little bit […]