Who We Are

Travelling is part of our everyday needs, which is simply to go out and see the world. To see what is there for us to explore. Some for business, some for education, some for visiting relatives, or simply for the sake of getaway from everyday routines.
In the fast pace of modern world, arranging our own travel needs is easy. Simply by clicking and conforming what is offered. But for leisure traveler, being comforted as in just ‘sit back and relax’ is essential. In an easy way to put it, why do you have to worry about any problem in your travel arrangement, if you have somebody to take care of it with less hassle?

That’s why we’re here. We are TravelPlus.
TravelPlus is a travel arrangement company based in Indonesia, providing services on arranging tours, with many “Plus” in booking, reservation, and service for your convenient in traveling
Travel Plus’ services including airplane ticketing, hotel reservations, travel and tours arrangement, honeymoon/anniversary trip, and personalized holiday arrangement based on clients’ need.
Established in September 2012, we strive to give plus services on travel and tours. Our services includes arrangement to many remote places in the world, especially Indonesia. We provide packages from Derawan, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Moyo Island to Caribbean Islands, the Maldives, and Bora-Bora island. Set aside your worries and travel with us, with TravelPlus.

Why settle with regular holiday,
while you can have a memorable one with us