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A Daytrip to Arrowtown, Central Otago – New Zealand

Once was famous during gold rush era in South Island, Arrowtown is a must-visit when you are traveling to New Zealand. Its unique old town combined with super laid-back Kiwi spirit are magnet to everyone who happen to pass by this charming-yet-quirky town on the way to Queenstown, the capital of Otago district.

My Journey to the Middle Earth

I’ve been wanting to write about my amazing New Zealand journey since last month, but work loads really keeps me busy. After 2 weeks wandering around laid-back South Island, return to busy Surabaya is total torture :p So, here we go! First thing you have to consider when you’re planning a trip to New Zealand […]

Tourist or Traveler?

What’s the difference? Classic quote says : A traveler sees what she sees, a tourist sees what she has come to see. My version is a bit different :p

From a Young Traveler to Another

You might heard a lot about how people need to travel before turning 35, read about how important it is to travel, and the suggestion about visiting one new place every year, etc. The question is how?