Maldives van Indonésie

Maldives van Indonésie

Indonesia is an archipelago. Of course every body know that. But what we want to emphasize on is that we have beautiful islands from the tip of Pulau We to edge of Merauke. Many tourists, both domestic and international, often turn to Indonesia as an ocean adventure travel site.

Derawan Island is one of the hottest destination talked about by many foreign and local travelers. The beauty of this island will mesmerize you. The surrounding Sulawesi Sea will make you appreciate the good nature. You can just relax on its shore or dive into the nearby sea to view the beautiful under water life. lion-fishFor divers, Derawan is one out of many places where the sea life is so diverse. There are 872 species of fish, 507 kinds of coral and many sea turtles swimming about the island.

There are four most visited islands in the surrounding area. Derawan Island is the most populated island with lots of place to stay overnight ranging from simple hostels to stars hotels. On this island we can snorkel around the island and witness the vast oceanic life. If you’re lucky, sea turtles can swim toward you voluntarily.

Next island is Kakaban Island. On the island there is one out of two sites in the whole world where stingless jellyfish thrived. We can even swim with them. There are about four species of stingless jellyfish on Kakaban.

Afterward, there is Sangalaki Island. This island homes to stingrays. We can swim really close to them. Unfortunately, when our team visited the island nature got in the way. The sea was rising so we couldn’t swim to meet the stingrays.

Last one is Maratua Island. This is a special divers paradise. All because of the challenge this island brings. Not only challenging but this island also home to a variety of many beautiful exotic tropical fish species.

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