Culinary Feast in Penang, Malaysia

Culinary Feast in Penang, Malaysia

Being a frequent traveler, people sometimes ask me about places they want to visit on holiday. Last week, when a friend ask, what’s special about Penang? The thing i remember at first is the FOOD! Penang is like heaven for a fat-a*s like me 😀

Food option in Penang are soooooo many, spread all over the city. Especially open-space food court with huge numbers of hawker-food stalls selling many choices of local culinary treats. The price is quite reasonable, even for Asian. My favorite food court is the one next to Gurney Plaza, second favorite is the one on Lorong Selamat. For durian, my favorite booth is the one at the corner of Lorong Susu.



Of course, Chinese and Peranakan food are the most common. Food like fried kwetiau, mee goreng, asam laksa, and kuotie (chinese style gyoza) are kind of food you can find everywhere. There are also some interesting food like grilled sotong, steamed weird-looking snail, lobak, etc. Price are from RM 3 to RM 15, very friendly for us who are on tight budget 😉


Peranakan food are usually served in fine dining restaurant. The price is more expensive here, a set menu for 2 person starts from RM 30. Belacan fried potato leaves, claypot soft taufu steeping in mild flavoured gravy, deep-fried boneless chicken in batter, ice kacang, and cendhol are kinds of food you would usually find in a peranakan restaurant.

So, are you a culinary freak? Visiting this island is a MUST!

PS : as Asian, my mom always bring some gift for friends and family after vacation. Typical gift you can bring from Penang are white coffee or chocolate. There are some stores specifically selling chocolates and white coffee in the city, price are around RM 23-30/pack of 50 sachet. I prefer to buy those products at local supermarket, price is around RM 12-18 haha 😀


Penang, March 2012

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