Komodo island, DANGEROUSLY beautiful!

Komodo island, DANGEROUSLY beautiful!

Finally, Komodo!

It’s been our dream to visit this island and meet the famous Komodo dragon.
I’ll share how to get there first!
Flight to Labuan Bajo, gate to Komodo island is very limited. First you have to go to Bali, then take Wings air to Labuan Bajo. Not like other airlines serving this route, Wings air flights depart everyday and for now, the most reliable one.

Next, choices of accommodation. There are many options for each traveler in Labuan Bajo, from idr 150k simple room in a guesthouse to idr 1,200k luxury resort with amazing view of the area. For me personally, the best area to stay is within city area, offering wide range of food and bar options. You can find any kind of meal, in any budget, from local food to italian bistro. Hotels in city area are mostly budget to 2-stars hotels, while luxury resorts are mostly by the beach, far from city center. Note that public transportation is very limited at Labuan Bajo. The option is to rent a private car only.

Hotel recommendation :
** : Green Hill Boutique Hotel – idr 300,000/night for double room
**** : Bintang Flores Hotel – idr 800,000/ night
***** : Jayakarta Suite – idr 1,200,000/night


Places to visit :
1. Labuan bajo :
– Batu Cermin Cave
– Ujung Fisherman Village
– Love Hill (Bukit Cinta) during sunset

2. Komodo Island, here live the biggest population of Komodo Dragon. You can choose between the option of three tracks : short, medium, long and adventure track.

3. Rinca Island, located 2 hours boat trip from Labuan bajo. The Komodos here are smaller than those in Komodo Island.This island is a substitute for those who doesn’t want to take 4 hour boat trip to Komodo Island.

4. Pink Beach and Bidadari Island. Eventhough the beach is not so pink anymore these days, we can still see some glimpse of pinkish coral from distance. These two spots are two of the best snorkeling spot in this area.

5. Gili Lawa. The view at the top of Gili Lawa is amazingly beautiful!

…and they are still many other beautiful islands spread across between Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island.


Tour package are varies from idr 100k/person for halfday tour Labuan Bajo to 4d3n oversea Komodo for idr 2,935k/person – http://yourtravelplus.com/events/4d3n-oversea-labuan-bajo-komodo-island/


There is an interesting legend I heard in the island :

The locals believe that human and komodo dragon was born twins. Once upon a time, a mystical lady called the Dragon Princess lived in a remote island. She was married to a man named Najo. She conceived and gave birth to an egg, which then a komodo dragon hatched out was given the name Ora. A child, Gerong, was born at the same time.

One day, young Gerong went out to hunt deer in a forest, he ran into Ora, who wanted to eat Gerong’s dear friend, a deer. Gerong became enraged and was on the verge of killing Ora. Suddenly the princess appeared at the last moment to remind them that they were twins. Gerong calmed down and behaved kindly toward Ora.

Until now, the locals treat komodo dragons as a friend. They feed aged komodos who are no longer capable of stalking prey, while the youngsters are free to chase deer and other animals in the forest.


Labuan Bajo, May 2014

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