Sempu Island, definitely NOT Overrated!

Sempu Island, definitely NOT Overrated!

As “arek Suroboyo” whose daily routine is fighting hectic city life and traffic, sometimes I feel the urge to run away to the beach and just spend the night lying under the stars. Nearest beaches are those at the south of Malang, like Balekambang, Goa Cina, and Bajul Mati. My favourite is a little bit further, Segara Anakan lake at Sempu island πŸ™‚ Escape to this spot is like jumping into a mini heaven to me!

Sure you would ask, where is that and how to get there?
Sempu island is located at the South of Malang, around 2 hrs from Malang city (normal traffic). From Malang you have to drive to Sendang Biru, a tiny fishermen village at the southern coast. Here, you have to go to the office and ask for entry permit. The guy at the office will explain track options and spots to visit here, also explain the dos and donts at the island. You have to hire a local guide to go to the lake, cost 100k one way before 2 pm. If you are late and come after that, you have to pay 150k for guiding fee.
Next, 10 mins boat trip to Semut bay,Sempu island. The boat are usually for 10 person, cost 100k return.
There are some spots to visit in this island, ig Pasir Panjang beach, Tlaga lele, pasir kembar beach, waru2 beach, Macan cave. The most popular is Segoro Anakan lake.

The distance from Semut bay to Segoro Anakan lake is 2,5km, takes about 1,5 hrs, depends on your stamina and speed. Here is a pic of the track crossing the forest on our way to Segoro Anakan. Wearing a good pair of shoes is a must, since the track is sometimes covered with rock and broken roots. The most challenging track is around 200 meters before the destination.


Arriving at the beach is like finding an oase πŸ˜€ Soft white sand and greenish-blue water makes me want to jump and dip myself after 1,5hrs tiring trek! But first, we need to build our tent and prepare bonfire for tonight’s dinner.

What to prepare :

1. Good camping equiptments, ig. tent, matrass, nesting, lantern, and gas mate camping stove. Contact Pak Tri 031-5925755 for the best camping vendor in Surabaya. There are some cheaper other vendor, but for me, Pak Tri is the cleanest and the best. Note : sleeping bag is also needed if you plan to sleep outside.

2. Camping survival kit, ig. Victorinox knife, rope, compass, and lighter.

3. Enough water and food supplies, depends on how many day you plan to camp.

4. Comfortable shoes, a good adventure backpack, and camera.

5. First aid kit and personal medicine.

6. Plastic bag to bring your waste home. Remember to leave nothing but footprints!

6. Cheerful and positive spirit is the most important! πŸ˜‰


If you are afraid to plan your first camping trip, contact TravelPlus – Indonesia for help. We provide Sempu trip starting from 450k πŸ˜‰

Sempu Island, June 2014

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